Broadn wants your digital nomad experience will be a worry-free one. The broadn team has years of experience working and traveling abroad in Asia, Europe and South America and we're excited to share our enthusiasm for the digital nomad lifestyle with you! As travelers ourselves, we understand that plans frequently evolve and change.

If your plan has changed or you need to cancel for whatever reason after filling out a profile or chatting with a broadn planner but before sending payment and receiving your plan: 

No problem! You haven’t paid us so no harm, no foul. We hope to hear from you again when your plans come back together.

If your plan has changed or you need to cancel after we have received payment and sent you plans about destination, lodging, food, etc.: 


While we believe that we have reliable knowledge about the destinations we suggest for digital nomads, we understand that, on occasion, our opinions might not line up with your preferences. In such cases, we will be happy to work with you to revise your plan as needed up until you arrive at your destination. Once you have arrived at your destination, we can't offer travel 24/7 support but we would be happy to provide alternate suggestions for you should you absolutely need them if we are able.


Please note that once you have received your plan in writing, no refunds will be offered unless circumstances beyond your control severely impact your ability to visit or remain in the country (natural disasters such as earthquakes or cyclones, political unrest). Refunds in these circumstances will be considered a case-by-case basis; we will also be happy to apply your payment towards a future digital nomad experience with us.