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Stories, Guides, and Travel Planning for Digital Nomads

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Broadn helps digital nomads travel and live by providing carefully curated guidance.

So you've found yourself with a job you can do remotely. Now that you aren't tied to an office desk, you're wondering how best to take advantage of your location independence. The main question you're asking is: "I want to live abroad in Asia, North America, Europe, Latin America while continuing my work online. How do I make this happen?"

We know it can be intimidating if it's your first time in an unfamiliar setting. We also know that deciding and researching where to live longer-term can be daunting and time-consuming. With broadn's guidance and advice, your worries will be put to rest.

Here's how it works: Browse the stories in our blog. Scour the city guides. Take notes.


If you need more guidance, schedule a personalized consultation. You'll fill out a questionnaire about your travel preferences, time constraints, and budget. On the chat, we'll help you decide which countries and cities are best, suggest what area to live in and where to cowork. We'll offer suggestions for coffee shops, restaurants, street food, nightlife, and beaches. Our personalized, on-and-off-the-beaten-path approach means you get the digital nomad lifestyle you've been daydreaming about.

broadn your horizons.

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Have more questions?

Unsure about how to work remotely abroad? Not sure about where in Asia, North America, Europe or Central and South America to go? Want to know what broadn can do for you as a digital nomad? Head to our FAQ page or book a chat with us!

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